10158 D Holman Road NW

Seattle, WA 98177
Offering Price: $689,500
MLS #: 1569405

30 px_Worker    Sensa Homes

30 px bed cropped bottom V2    3 Beds

30 px px bath V2    1.75 Baths

40 x 40 px_right-angle cropped    1,669 sq. ft.

    Pad Parking

40 x 40 px walk    Walk Score 85


Disciplined craftsmanship meets exquisite Scandinavian design combining for the ultimate expression of 21st-century living presented to you in the form of 6 shimmering Greenwood row homes. With creamy white ivory walls, panoramic front facing windows, and minimalistic finishes throughout capture a sense of enveloping luxury usually only found in larger scale homes. This inviting opulence is paired with comfort oriented living areas and cleverly constructed, function forward, floor plan, resulting in a polished dreamlike residence. The main level boasts rich surfaces and a spacious layout ready to accommodate guests or entertain loved ones at ease. The upper levels host a trio of bedrooms, carpeted, well-lit by natural light and thoughtfully placed adjacent to private bathrooms. Perched just above is a sprawling checkered roof-deck offering sweeping territorial views off the front and back of the home with dual access from the main staircase or master suite. Notable features include 4 star built green certification, stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets, master balconies, and off-street parking. Don’t forget about your amazing North Seattle location where crowd ridden city streets turn into quirky bars, delicious restaurants, charming boutiques, & gorgeous nature scenes (85 WalkScore)


Special Features:

  • Expansive roof deck with dual access
  • Abundant wall space
  • Pad parking
  • Hardwood engineered floors
  • Central staircase partition

Greenwood is located in north central Seattle. Emerging from humble and modest beginnings, Greenwood has flourished into a popular hotspot buzzing with young singles and urban couples.  Booming with coffee houses, restaurants, antique stores, and art galleries, this neighborhood is a regular visiting place for locals. 

 Hot Spots:

  • Woodland Park Zoo 
  • Gainsburg 
  • Petes Eggnest 
  • Chocolati café 
  • Gorditos 

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