1501 17th Ave E

Seattle, WA 98112
Offering Price: $1,700,000
MLS #: 1556603

30 px bed cropped bottom V2   

3 Beds

30 px px bath V2   

2.5 Baths

Building Total: 3,420 sq. ft.

Restuaraunt: 1,566 sq. ft.

Second Level: 1,566 sq. ft.

Basement: 288 sq. ft.

Parcel Total: 3,570 sq. ft.


Poised on the corner of 17th and Galer, the Volunteer Park Café is a landmark business opportunity in the heart of Capitol Hill. It remains as one of only a very limited number of surviving turn-of-the-century mixed-use structures left in Seattle, in continuous operation since its original construction as a home and general store in 1904. Stories still abound from locals who frequented the store’s penny candy counter as children and who now enjoy casual meals at the café. With a light-filled main floor storefront and a spacious two-bedroom apartment and office/studio upstairs, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become an active participant in the ever-evolving history of one of the city’s most beloved gathering spaces, in the heart of one of its most storied neighborhoods. Only a block and a half from the entry to Volunteer Park, and sited along a popular east-west thoroughfare, the Volunteer Park Café building offers unbeatable frontage, reputation and community history to those looking for the ultimate live/work situation. Carry on operations as a beloved café and bakery, convert it back into a neighborhood store, or use it as a creative space and studio – the possibilities are endless!

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Special Features:

  • Volunteer Park Cafe
  • Backyard Patio
  • Garden
  • Wallls of windos
  • Vintage Fixtures
  • Separate Office/Sutdio Area
  • Discreet Secondary Entree

From the epicenter of the coffee world, to the clubs that spawned the grunge movement, Capitol Hill is chock full of some of the most unique history and character in the city! Learn to express yourself in a neighborhood that celebrates individuality and fashion, serving as a hub for the city’s counterculture communities. Spend the day dining at trendy bistros, shopping at chic boutiques and markets, or walking through numerous parks perfect for picnics or just passing the time. Explore your creative side by touring the most vibrant music and art scene in all of Western Washington, that created rock legends like Jimi Hendrix, whose statue can still be found in the heart of Broadway shredding one last eternal guitar riff for anyone who passes by. On the weekend visit one of the many block parties or community forums always encouraging residents and tourists to mix, mingle, and dance their worries away. Even redefine your meaning of nightlife as you paint the town in some of the hottest clubs and bars around featuring German beer halls, the classiest of whiskey houses, and showstoppers like R Place. Finally, treat yourself with a world-famous Dick’s Drive-In burger or a mouthwatering cookie from the local favorite bakery: Hello Robin – you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Truly one of the quirkiest, hippest, and most happening neighborhoods in Seattle, you will be proud to call Capitol Hill your home.

Hot Spots:

  • Volunteer Park
  • Starbucks Reserve and Roastery and Tasting Room
  • Annapurna Café
  • Victrola Coffee Roasters
  • Rhein Haus
  • Barca
  • Seattle Asian Art Museum
  • Boca
  • Hello Robin

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