5108 24th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98105
Offering Price: $720,000
Sold Price: $720,000
MLS #: 1405985

30 px_Worker GreenCity Development

30 px bed cropped bottom V2   2 Beds

30 px px bath V2   1.75 Baths

40 x 40 px_right-angle cropped   1,246 sq. ft.

40 x 40 px walk Walk Score 89


Greencity Development, LLC has perfected the art of creating an energy efficient, modern, and beautiful home; their work speaks for itself. Conscious of the how cramped a city can get, they specially designed the open floor plan to create a sense of space that is harder and harder to find in today’s market. On top of this, lies an escape from the world in the form of a jaw dropping private rooftop terrace, making the borders of your home seemingly limitless. Design features also include brand new hardwood floors, a separate guest level, swanky master suite, walls of windows, and as a bonus, Targeting Four Star Built Green, which means healthy living and low utility bills all year long! Lucky for you, one of these beauties was just brought onto the market in one of the few neighborhoods thats quality can match the level of Greencity Development, LLC’s craftsmanship: Ravenna. Ravenna reaches Greenlake, University Village, the University District, and the Burke Gilman trail, which means all these amazing business hubs will only be a short walk or an even shorter bike ride away! Convenience is a must! Come see why this project is meant for you!


Special Features:

  • Walls of windows
  • Separate guest level
  • Swanky master suite
  • Private rooftop terrace

Named after a city in Italy, Ravenna is located in between the U-district, Greenlake, and Ravenna/Crowen Park; all major hubs of business and recreational activities. Yet, somehow Ravenna remains one of the quieter neighborhoods in Seattle. In other words, Ravenna is one of the quietest, most peaceful neighborhoods you can find that will have easy access to major attraction centers of this quality. Ravenna is so centralized you won’t even need your car! Most errands can be accomplished on foot and with the Burke Gilman trail only feet away, hop on a bike to cruise to your destination in no time!

Hot Spots:

  • Mamma Melina Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria
  • University Village
  • Ravenna/Crowen Park
  • Burke Gilman Trail
  • Wayward Vegan Café
  • Zeek’s Pizza

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